All companies incorporated through the GetGround platform have several key distinctive features that enables us to set up and manage it efficiently for you. GetGround Secretary Limited is appointed to all GetGround companies as the company secretary and can also carry out administrative tasks on your behalf.

Your Company’s Name

Your company’s name is one of the distinctive features that allow us to set up and manage your company efficiently. As such, you cannot select a custom name for your company.

GetGround’s standard names are well recognised within the property industry by solicitors, lenders, and agents.

Your Company’s registered address and mail

Your company’s registered address is 1 Lyric Square, Hammersmith, London, W6 0NB. Any post that is sent to this address is opened, scanned, and uploaded to your company dashboard page. You can access the post sent to your company in the ‘Documents’ tab. You’ll also get an email notification to let you know if you have anything to review.

Physical letters are stored for three months before being securely destroyed. If you would like a hard letter of any of the letters sent to your company before they are destroyed, we can arrange to send them to you for a small admin fee. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you’d like to make a request.

Employing someone through your company

Your company is set up for Buy to Let investment only. Whilst your company is on the GetGround platform, it will not be set up for PAYE (which is required to employ anyone in the UK) and as such, cannot employ anyone.

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