We can help you find a mortgage

GetGround itself is not a mortgage broker and does not provide any mortgage advice. However, we do currently work with several mortgage partners who may be able to help.

Our partners are familiar with the GetGround company structure and can provide you with options specifically designed for BTL limited companies. We’re always happy to discuss this with you.

If you’d like more information and to schedule a call with a member of our mortgages team, please email [email protected].

Company Documents for Mortgages

Mortgage lenders will often require a board resolution authorising the entry of the company into the lending documents. Unfortunately, GetGround does not provide this service. We can, however, provide your solicitor with any company documents required to draft this but we cannot draft it ourselves.

This is because each lender has specific requirements and documents. As we do not have visibility over these, you should ask your solicitor to draft these documents for you.

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